BOSEbuild: Accelerating design and testing phases with 3D printed parts

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BOSEbuild: Accelerating design and testing phases with 3D printed parts

“Our Ultimaker machines easily handled printing half a dozen in different colors, which allowed everyone on the team to test the headphones for design and usability.”

- Joe Titlow, Head of Sales and Marketing at BOSEbuild

Joe has over 10 years of 3D printing under his belt with a keen understanding of how critical ease of use and reliability are to the printing process. Already familiar with Ultimaker printers and holding them in high regard for their dependability, they remain a go-to option for projects that require quick turn around with little cost.

The BOSEBuild Speaker Cube

Prototyping for Swift Product Testing

The challenge of creating these headphones, Joe says, was that his team had to prototype the yoke for testing usability and acoustic tuning on a dummy head, while also providing a wearable piece for marketing research and target audience feedback. Although the BOSE prototyping service was used to make the master part, the yokes – which attach to the ear cups – were missing when early versions of the BOSEbuild headphones came back from the factory. That's where Ultimaker 3D printers came in.

Yoke prototypes, with the Ultimaker 3D print on the left

Get your Curious Minds Inspired

Between prototyping and educational projects, Joe says that their Ultimaker printers can run all day long during peak times. In addition to prototyping, Ultimaker printers are used by the BOSEbuild team to craft unique displays that teach kids about magnetic fields. Plastic parts created on Ultimaker are used as secure clasps and holders for magnets that they exhibit during shows, further expanding BOSEbuild's 3D printing applications.

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