Episode 12: Injection molding and 3D printing

Episode 12: Injection molding and 3D printing

In the latest episode of Talking Additive, Matt Griffin sits down with Haleyanne Freedman of M. Holland Co. to discuss the evolving role of additive manufacturing in the injection molding industry. M.Holland, one of the industry’s leading resins distributors, was founded in Illinois in 1950. In the past few years, it has created a team dedicated to offering cross-industry knowledge, advice, and expertise to help its customers compete in the world of 3D printing. M.Holland’s team now works closely with polymer companies and filament producers to develop and distribute spools of filament to manufacturing organizations, as well as individual engineers and designers. 

Haleyanne shares industry insights into how the injection molding industry leverages 3D printing for tool validation, functional parts, and tooling applications. She also explains why it is critical for a resins distributor like M.Holland to take 3D printing seriously as “additive manufacturing moves beyond prototyping into the production of end-use parts.” By doing so, plastics manufacturers can discover new opportunities, creating bridges from traditional solutions to new workflows that are augmented (and in some cases replaced) by 3D printing-driven approaches. 

Haleyanne also introduces listeners to the great organization Women in 3D Printing, for which she is the recently appointed North American Regional Chair.

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