Flashforge: New FlashPrint 5!

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Flashforge: New FlashPrint 5!

Flashforge FlashPrint 5 is newly revised and upgraded. Through new interface design and function optimization, the operation is simple and convenient. The slicing file will be prepared by just a few clicks with fast, efficient, and smooth operation.



New Interface Design
Newly revised interface design with convenient function operation and smooth operation

Multi-machine List Management
When printing on multiple machines, the grouping list management can be realized, and different printing jobs can be distinguished and managed by different grouping list names, which is efficient and convenient.
Remotely Visual Management of Multiple Machines
The equipment details can be viewed by the camera. You can adjust the printing parameter settings in real time, start, pause or resume printing remotely, and manage printers remotely and centrally.
File List Reading
A coherent workflow helps you work more effectively. You can save time by opening the print files stored in the memory list from FlashPrint 5, which is convenient, fast and efficient.
Slicing File Preview by Structure
You can visually view the printing path and view the three-dimensional modeling by structure (e.g. support structure, shell, raft, etc.).
Personalized Design
You can add the personalized relief design on the surface of the model. Just click and drag the picture to import it into the software, and the relief shape can be generated according to the picture content, thus easily realizing your personalized model customization service.

More Powerful Functions

 1. Auto Repair - The damaged model will be repaired automatically.

2. Rotation Optimization - The position of the model on the platform will be optimized automatically.

3. Model Copy - The sliced model can be easily copied with the same print settings.

4. Model Cutting - The model can be cut along the selected plane to divide it into several parts.
5. Software Compatibility - FlashPrint 5 is compatible with all major 3D modeling programs and supports files in. stl, .obj, .fpp and .3mf formats.
6. Undo Function - All operations can be undone by pressing the Ctrl+Z combination on the keyboard.
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