Guiness World Record Holder: The Saint Ferrer Prayer Park Project

Guiness World Record Holder: The Saint Ferrer Prayer Park Project

Saint Ferrer

This project celebrates the following this year: its 405th founding anniversary, the 400th year of the St. Vincent Parish, and the 600th death anniversary of St. Vincent, patron saint of builders.

During the development of this project, JQS builders were looking for the most advanced 3D printing technology for their field of expertise. Using Ultimaker S5 3D printer and Einscan Pro 3D scanner they were able to bring ideas, concepts, and designs into reality and also provided benefits in terms of time and costs. Compared to traditional methods like hand sculpting, it would take around 4-5 years to finish the model. With 3D printing -- it was already good to go in just a couple of weeks!

Saint Ferrer Prayer Park

The world's “tallest engineered bamboo sculpture” was helmed by architect Jerry Suratos, measuring at 164 feet and 9.56 inches (50.23 meters) who said that its superstructure was built to withstand earthquakes, strong winds, and even floods.

Saint Ferrer Prayer Park

The statue was designed using 3D printing technology and built with steel and carbonized bamboo panels. The construction time spanned only 10 months and took 608 workers to complete.

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