St. Lukes Hospital: Getting Ready for Surgery with Stereolithography 3D Printing

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St. Lukes Hospital: Getting Ready for Surgery with Stereolithography 3D Printing

An ENT Doctor from the Philippines practicing at St. Lukes Medical Center found out that working with 3D printers increased the speed and safety of complicated operation processes.

He usually outsources printing services abroad and takes weeks to months before he can have the model and do the planning. With the aid of Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, he was able to get the 3D printed model in just mere hours.

It may seem daunting, however, Medical 3D Printing has just a simple process in order to turn DICOM medical data into 3D Printable format that virtually anyone with a computer can do it.

The Processstarts out with importing CT scan data. Using 3D Slicer, an STL file is automatically generated and imported it into Formlabs’ PreForm print preparation software. One-Click Printing from PreForm offers an option for automatically orienting, supporting, and laying out your 3D models.

The STL model from Preformis then automatically sliced and prepared then sent over WiFi. Users choose the appropriate resin material from Standard resin to Engineering resins, Formlabs printers also even has access to bio-medical and dental grade resins like Dental SG and Dental LT clear materials.

After waiting a few hours, the prints are then washed automatically in IPA using the Form Wash and subsequently, for the best results and mechanical properties, post-cured on the Form Cure system. Automated timers and heat adjustment consistently produce high-quality and accurate results with less time and effort.

All of these processes took only less than a day. From converting CT scan data, to 3D Printing and subsequent post processing. With the Formlabs Form 2, Medical professionals now have access to precise and accurate 3D printing within hours.

This maxilla and mandible model was printed on the Form 2’s White Resin material. After which, the operation with the actual 3D printed mandible and maxilla can now begin.


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