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As their spine curve at an angle, a scoliotic person not only deals with the physical discomfort and pain, but this also affects the person's self-esteem. There's lack of understanding about the physical deformation and people tend to be cruel against those who are different. People who claim to have normal spines might even see people with scoliosis as someone weird, what with the bulging back, uneven shoulders and hips, or the funny way of walking. 3D printing in medical application, Helps not only the Medical professionals to understand special cases like this but also ordinary people such as children,...

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By default, stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers create fully dense parts. At times when you’re not printing functional parts that require structural strength, hollowing out your 3D model can be great way to save a considerable amount of material and time. A few designs we recommend hollowing out: Art and sculptures Scale models Early stage conceptual models Large models and multi-piece assemblies Using PreForm (free), and Meshmixer’s (free) hollowing tool you can prepare your model for printing in three simple steps.   Step 1: Find the Correct Orientation During the SLA printing process, your model is printed layer by layer and lifted out of the liquid resin as...

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