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Episode 9: 3D printing in architecture: Taking design to new levels In our latest Talking Additive podcast, we chat with Asli Oney, Digital Fabrication Manager at KPF’s New York office.  KPF is a prominent multinational architectural firm. Since its foundation in 1976, the company has worked on some of the world’s tallest towers and longest structural spans, with a portfolio featuring notable projects such as the Hudson Yards in New York and Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.  KPF takes pride in its multidisciplinary, iterative design process, which is supported by 3D printing. FFF additive manufacturing enables the firm to create multiple iterations of architectural designs, which can then be used to convey key concepts to clients.  Asli explains how this low-cost,...

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A local mining company in the Philippines was fascinated with the possibilities they can achieve with 3D printing. Having a greater look at the whole area can give them a better perspective to record the details and identify how will they execute their plan by examining the properties of rocks and deposits to find associated materials, the size of the deposit, and the potential for access. Surveyors in the mining industry plays an important role since they provide information to all the other mining disciplines. They are responsible for the accurate measurement of the areas and volumes mined, plus the...

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