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Last March 2021, we had a collaboration with Nico Ng, a multi-disciplinary designer, educator and creative entrepreneur based in Manila. He gave us the opportunity to print the ‘INSPIRE’ lettering he designed. With that, we are able to showcase the power of 3D printing using one of the Ultimaker 3D Printers for the application of art & design. Nico cheerfully shared his thoughts and gratitude with us by posting on his facebook page how our collaboration turned out. We are really glad to see an artist feeling happy and satisfied with the outcome, seeing his design came to life. According...

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The talented Ram Mallari is known for being a great innovator for applying modern techniques with his artworks. The traditional technique for metal sculpting was done by collecting spare parts and will later on combine all the parts together to come up with an amazing steampunk artwork. In his early life, he was exposed to smithing because of his relatives who are also metalsmiths. From watchtowers, chess pieces, clocks, steam, and motor vehicles, zeppelins, ships, to reimagined animals and pop icons, his work explores themes of tension between past and future by combining futuristic steam-powered machinery body and its model....

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