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Digital design processes supported by CAD software have transformed the jewelry industry and taken their definite place in the jewelry designers’ workflow. Together with 3D printing, these digital technologies enable unlimited creative possibilities and customization. From general CAD tools to proprietary jewelry design software, there are now dozens of viable alternatives, each with its own pros and cons, modeling approaches, and niche uses. Let’s take a look at the offerings so that you can make the right choice in selecting a virtual jewelry design environment that might stay with you for an entire career. Introduction to Digital Jewelry Jewelry design has traditionally...

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3D Printing, Castable Wax Resins, Casting, Formlabs, Resins, SLA -

Use Formlabs Castable Wax Resin to produce highly detailed jewelry by casting parts through direct investment casting with minimal part finishing (no post-cure required). Castable Wax prints are strong enough to use for prototyping and fitting before production.

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