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It’s no secret that some of the biggest companies in the automotive industry are using additive manufacturing in both their prototyping and production efforts. In fact, along with aerospace, automotive was one of the first adopters of the technology. The demands are high in automotive. High-performance parts require high-performance materials. In the past, these companies were limited to traditional manufacturing methods – from prototyping, to design validation and end-use components. These methods are known to be quite restrictive of both time and design freedom. The emergence of additive manufacturing (3D Printing) has created more flexible and innovative solutions for OEMs,...

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“Our Ultimaker machines easily handled printing half a dozen in different colors, which allowed everyone on the team to test the headphones for design and usability.” - Joe Titlow, Head of Sales and Marketing at BOSEbuild Joe has over 10 years of 3D printing under his belt with a keen understanding of how critical ease of use and reliability are to the printing process. Already familiar with Ultimaker printers and holding them in high regard for their dependability, they remain a go-to option for projects that require quick turn around with little cost. The BOSEBuild Speaker Cube Prototyping for Swift...

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