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restor3d is on a mission to empower healthcare providers who repair and reconstruct the human body. It has pursued an approach driven by additive manufacturing due to the design freedom and affordability of 3D printing, which offers a path to disrupt traditional medical markets. The restor3d team drives innovation in precision surgery by changing the way both implants and surgical instruments are developed and delivered.The company was co-founded in 2017 by distinguished entrepreneur, orthopedic surgery professor, and highly-cited materials scientist and engineer Ken Gall. restor3d leverages 3D printing capabilities to drastically improve surgical care delivery by printing procedure-specific polymer instrumentation that is...

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Selective Laser Sintering is one of the main 3D printing technologies used and has dominated rapid prototyping and low number manufacturing for decades.

It is known for the process of using polymer powders and a high power laser cured layer by layer to form a 3D printed object. SLS is popular for its capability to produce a strong functional parts with complex geometries without the need of any support. It provides a high level of accuracy without doing any post-processing.

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Client: Sichuan Ju An Hui Co. Ltd. Industry: Medical Application: Bionic Knee Brace Material: PEEK 3D Printer: FUNMAT PRO HT The knee is one of the most vulnerable and short-life hinge joints in the human anatomy, with an average life expectancy of 50 years. Many seniors are suffering different types of knee problem, which affects normal lifestyle and reduce mobility in their old age. Equipped with a magnetorheological damper, BioNEEK – a passive bionic exoskeleton brace designed and manufactured by Sichuan Ju An Hui Science and Technology features some clever engineering. With biomechanical assistance, BioNEEK enhances support, reduce impact, improve stability and maximize the...

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As their spine curve at an angle, a scoliotic person not only deals with the physical discomfort and pain, but this also affects the person's self-esteem. There's lack of understanding about the physical deformation and people tend to be cruel against those who are different. People who claim to have normal spines might even see people with scoliosis as someone weird, what with the bulging back, uneven shoulders and hips, or the funny way of walking. 3D printing in medical application, Helps not only the Medical professionals to understand special cases like this but also ordinary people such as children,...

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3D Printing to Support COVID-19 Response Efforts Puzzlebox 3D with the help of Formlabs Inc. is dedicated to helping the medical community use 3D printing to address the COVID-19 pandemic and associated supply chain shortages. Formlabs Inc. has been working with dozens of hospitals, health systems, and government agencies around the world on various projects spanning COVID-19 testing, PPE, and medical equipment. As Formlabs partners and official distributors in the Philippines, we too have the capability to help produce Nasopharyngeal Swabs for COVID-19 testing. These have been tested by RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine) and has found them to be effective: excerpt...

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