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As their spine curve at an angle, a scoliotic person not only deals with the physical discomfort and pain, but this also affects the person's self-esteem. There's lack of understanding about the physical deformation and people tend to be cruel against those who are different. People who claim to have normal spines might even see people with scoliosis as someone weird, what with the bulging back, uneven shoulders and hips, or the funny way of walking. 3D printing in medical application, Helps not only the Medical professionals to understand special cases like this but also ordinary people such as children,...

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Ultimaker Experiences Exceptional First Half of 2020 Highlighted by Global Growth and Professional 3D Printing Innovation.

 Ultimaker, the global leader in professional 3D printing, today announced that the first half of 2020 was a hallmark year for the company thanks to several significant business breakthroughs and growth milestones that position the company for continued expansion in the second half of 2020 and beyond. The company leads the professional 3D printing market fueled by customer-first approach.

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Succeed in the "New Normal" with 3D Printing.
Visit the link and download the Playbook for FREE
or read on and learn what difference can 3D printing make?
Here’s a quick taste of the benefits of what our customers have experienced:
✓Safer work environments. 3D printed safety features, such as “lockout-tagout” (LOTO)
✓Decrease lead-times and costs. The traditional process to get a spare or replacement part can be time-consuming and expensive.
✓Increase line uptime. Minimize short stops, speed up changeovers, and avoid unplanned downtime.
✓Better warehousing. So instead of carefully managing stock, you can 3D print parts on demand, whenever they are needed
✓Faster time to market. 3D printing makes it possible to perform almost immediate tooling changeovers.

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The Ultimaker Digital Factory provides powerful cloud-based tools for easy remote management of Ultimaker 3D printers and teams. This is the start of a simpler, more productive, connected 3D printing workflow.
Register now to #unlock both Ultimaker Connect and Ultimaker Cloud features on your system!
This is only the beginning. #Ultimaker software team will regularly roll out more new features that we are working on or in response to user feedback!

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A local mining company in the Philippines was fascinated with the possibilities they can achieve with 3D printing. Having a greater look at the whole area can give them a better perspective to record the details and identify how will they execute their plan by examining the properties of rocks and deposits to find associated materials, the size of the deposit, and the potential for access. Surveyors in the mining industry plays an important role since they provide information to all the other mining disciplines. They are responsible for the accurate measurement of the areas and volumes mined, plus the...

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