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3D Printing provides a significant boost for businesses in almost all types of industries in the market. There are plenty of applications where 3D printers can be useful, for example, in manufacturing and engineering where it can be used for rapid prototyping and on-demand production of tools, jigs, fixtures and even machine spare parts. In education where it can be used for learning, research and even housed inside a Fablab. Healthcare and dental, jewelry, architecture, aerospace, businesses and many more. Used in these industries, 3D printers help by reducing cost and lessen the lead time which leads to a significant...

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“Our Ultimaker machines easily handled printing half a dozen in different colors, which allowed everyone on the team to test the headphones for design and usability.” - Joe Titlow, Head of Sales and Marketing at BOSEbuild Joe has over 10 years of 3D printing under his belt with a keen understanding of how critical ease of use and reliability are to the printing process. Already familiar with Ultimaker printers and holding them in high regard for their dependability, they remain a go-to option for projects that require quick turn around with little cost. The BOSEBuild Speaker Cube Prototyping for Swift...

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