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With Ultimaker Cura 4.13 beta, we’ve placed customer interactions with the Ultimaker platform under the microscope. From changing settings to serve your printing intents, to using third-party materials on your 3D printer exactly when you need them, to compatibility with strict IT environments – this release offers the most streamlined and accessible 3D printing workflow yet. The result? Print speeds that are up to three times as fast – and a seamless software flow that enables you to leverage the Ultimaker platform to maximum effect. Increase print speed up to 3x Last release, we focused on quality. Now, we’re aiming...

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Flashforge FlashPrint 5 is newly revised and upgraded. Through new interface design and function optimization, the operation is simple and convenient. The slicing file will be prepared by just a few clicks with fast, efficient, and smooth operation. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE.   New Interface Design   Newly revised interface design with convenient function operation and smooth operation Multi-machine List Management   When printing on multiple machines, the grouping list management can be realized, and different printing jobs can be distinguished and managed by different grouping list names, which is efficient and convenient. Remotely Visual Management of Multiple Machines   The...

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