Talking Additive 19: Adopting 3D printing within your organization

Talking Additive 19: Adopting 3D printing within your organization

Episode 19: Adopting 3D printing within your organization

In the latest episode of Talking Additive, Matt Griffin explores the methods by which several individuals and organizations boost the adoption of 3D printing within a company. 

Drawing from the first two seasons of Talking Additive, including a few follow-up calls with past guests, this episode will look at what it really takes to for companies around the world to introduce, embed, and regularly use additive manufacturing technology to achieve the previously impossible. 

The featured stories explore a range of contexts and strategies to inspire Talking Additive listeners. You’ll hear from L’Oreal’s Matthew Forrester, as he reveals the tactics he uses to ensure the number of teams and individuals exposed to additive manufacturing within L’Oreal continues to grow. We will also receive clever tips derived from a career of consultation and exploration of the field via Joris Peels from 

The stories in this episode will leave listeners with a toolbox of approaches that can be deployed in their own teams and companies, enabling them to leverage the technology to its fullest potential and achieve its maximum benefits. 

 BONUS SEGMENT: Stick around to meet Charles Mire from Structur3d, a highlight from our 2020 Ultimaker Innovators List!

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