The unveiling of Desktop Metal's Studio System+ for Metal 3D printing

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The unveiling of Desktop Metal's Studio System+ for Metal 3D printing

“If you have demand for a lot of metal parts, which most machine shop/prototyping labs do, the studio fleet is the best configuration to handle the higher volume needs of these customer types. If they are looking for hundreds of thousands of parts per year, the production system is a better fit.”

- Lynda McKinney, Head of Global communications
Desktop Metal Studio
The Studio System ©Desktop Metal

This advanced in-house metal 3D printer is accompanied with the launch of Studio Fleet, a system of three or more Studio System + printers, debinders, and furnaces designed to address challenges in low to mid volume production.

The Studio System+

The Studio System is consisted of a metal 3D printer, debinding station, and furnace, was designed as a safe solution for office-friendly metal additive manufacturing. Its patented layer technology (resembling FDM) extrudes bound metal rods as opposed to laser-based processes such as metal powder bed fusion, which can cause hazardous risks from fire and explosion to harmful powder inhalation and contact. This was first introduced in 2017.

What the System Offers

Lynda said “We are attracting a lot of customers who are new to 3D printing and we want to ensure that the software takes all of the guesswork out of the process and makes the customer as successful as possible with every part they print.”


  • The Studio System also offers a swappable high-resolution printhead capable of sintering voxels as small as 240 microns in the XY axes and 45 microns in Z.
  • It has an in-chamber build plate camera for live print monitoring as well as a retort box design to increase thermal uniformity, resulting in higher quality parts.
  • The system features new stackable shelves to maximize the part capacity of the debinder and furnace.

    Desktop Metal Studio
    A complex metal part the size of a fingertip 3D printed on the Studio System+. ©Desktop Metal

    The Studio Fleet

    The Studio Fleet is capable of batch processing for rapid prototyping and tooling applications. Its two configurations include the 3:1:1 – three printers, one debinder, and one furnace, and the 5:2:1 – five printers, two debinders, and one furnace. The former is said to realize a 200% increase in throughput for a 50% increase in system cost whereas the latter offers a 400% increase and 100% increase in system cost.

    Desktop Metal Studio Fleet

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