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PolyTerra™ PLA is a bioplastic 3D printing filament designed from the ground up to create the next generation of environmentally friendly filaments. Polymaker has combined organic minerals with PLA which significantly reduces the plastic content producing a more environmentally friendly 3D printing material.

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3D Printing, Castable Wax Resins, Casting, Formlabs, Resins, SLA -

Use Formlabs Castable Wax Resin to produce highly detailed jewelry by casting parts through direct investment casting with minimal part finishing (no post-cure required). Castable Wax prints are strong enough to use for prototyping and fitting before production.

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3D printing has given wings to entrepreneurs and industries looking to reveal the real potential of the fastest growing technology.

The reason that it offers speed and accuracy is one of the most cost-effective choices, leave no room for confusion.

The same goes for jewelry making companies. There is no doubt that technology has reached millions of businesses worldwide and is penetrating even deeper as the economies are becoming synced and demanding.

There are a variety of spaces where 3D printing has instilled its importance becoming the major reason for the profit curve going upward.

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3D Printer, 3D Printing, Casting, Jewelry, SLA -

Two techniques have historically defined jewelry making: handcrafting and lost-wax casting. Both techniques require significant technical expertise, are highly time-intensive, and mistakes in the process can prove expensive. But today, digital design and 3D printing are primed to disrupt these age-old practices in a major way. Supplementing traditional processes with digital techniques brings new possibilities in design and production to jewelers, as well as exciting new customization options for customers. Digital Workflows Augment Traditional Techniques 3D printed jewelry production augments the principles of investment casting, or lost wax casting with the advantages of a digital design and manufacturing process. With traditional...

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As traditional supply chains are broken or weakened, only Additive Manufacturing can guarantee the safety of in-house production. During COVID-19 epidemic it also showed how fast you can respond to the current needs (printing mask, parts for respiratory devices, and face shields to name just a few). With the most available SLS 3D printing technology from Sinterit you can be a part of this. Act fast and flexible SLS 3D printer is one of the most sophisticated production tools you can get. It brings your ideas into reality in hours or days instead of weeks or months in the traditional...

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