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The Business Continuity Kit - 2020 Markets today are shrouded with uncertainties. The latest one, COVID-19, has hit markets hard, and disrupted global supply chains. For businesses to stay relevant and ensure sustainability, companies should relook into their manufacturing processes, turn to automation and streamlining of workflows.   As transportation costs continue to rise against the backdrop of increasing consumer demand for e-commerce deliveries, businesses should take the opportunity to review their workflows and make a fundamental shift with their supply chains. Instead of sourcing for parts or equipment from a different location or a different country, perhaps a more...

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Form 3's Loan Program - August 2020 We're making 3D Printing and 3D Printers much more accessible. Find out what makes the new Form 3 2020's best Resin printer - all3dp and 2019's best Professional 3D Printer - 3dhubs 3D printer guide. If you are 1 of 4 below, this program is for you: Have been thinking about buying the Form 3 but cannot provide justification without seeing results. You are curious about the quality and difference of Formlabs Form 3 vs other brands of 3D Printers. Have been thinking of purchasing a 3D Printer but do not know if SLA or FDM or...

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