Form 3 "Try before you buy" Loan Program

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Form 3 "Try before you buy" Loan Program

Form 3's Loan Program - August 2020

We're making 3D Printing and 3D Printers much more accessible.

Find out what makes the new Form 3 2020's best Resin printer - all3dp and 2019's best Professional 3D Printer - 3dhubs 3D printer guide.

If you are 1 of 4 below, this program is for you:

  1. Have been thinking about buying the Form 3 but cannot provide justification without seeing results.
  2. You are curious about the quality and difference of Formlabs Form 3 vs other brands of 3D Printers.
  3. Have been thinking of purchasing a 3D Printer but do not know if SLA or FDM or SLS is the right technology for you.
  4. You are choosing between a low-cost DLP printer or a Formlabs machine for your clinic/business.

This is valid for and open for all who register and are able to comply with the requirements including business registration documents and others.


We are announcing a limited program starting August 1 2020 - September 1 2020 to let customers try a brand-new Formlabs Form 3 for FREE*. This will allow you to experience first-hand what makes Form 3 the best resin 3D Printer and one of the best quality printouts in the market today. 

Form 3 is great for:

  • Dentists
  • Architects
  • Product Designers
  • Engineers
  • Tools, jigs and fixtures
  • Prototyping

*consumables not included*

As part of this program you'll get to enjoy the benefits of owning your own brand-new Form 3 without the initial investment. Under this program we will deliver to you a new Form 3 which will allow you to try the machine and print as much as you want without limits. This promo is valid for 15 days *free trial subject to conditions of approval. Registering below puts you in the queue, once your application is reviewed, we will ask you to submit pertinent requirements for approval.


For questions and interest more information , please contact us at / +63(2)7622-3877 / +63(919)-066-4759


*consumables not included *

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