Get $1000 USD OFF the newest Formlabs - Form 3L!

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Get $1000 USD OFF the newest Formlabs - Form 3L!

Limited Time Offer: $1000 USD discount on all Asia-Pacific orders placed before 31st December 2020.

A Large Format 3D Printer Compact Enough for the Office and Robust Enough for the Factory Floor

Take control of large-scale part production, increase your throughput, and bring your biggest ideas to life with the Form 3L, a cost-effective large format 3D printer that doesn’t compromise on the details.


Say goodbye to expensive and time-intensive outsourcing of large scaled 3D printed parts. With the Form 3L, a cost-effective large-format 3D printer, you can now bring your biggest ideas to life in-house at an unprecedented price point.

On November 12th at 11am SGT, we’ll be broadcasting a live product introduction with Formlabs Application Engineer Seiko Nishino. She'll dive deep into the technology behind the Form 3L, walk you through three real large scale prints, do a live demonstration of using the Form 3L.

Also, for a limited time only we are offering a discount of $1k USD on all orders placed before 31st December. Now is the time to bring large scale fabrication in-house.

For questions and interest more information , please contact us at / +63(2)7622-3877 / +63(919)-066-4759


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  • Alessandro Cruz

    Hi. very interested to try the form labs printer. I currently have a makerbot replicator and am looking to upgrade

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