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Simple, smart, accessible 3D printer

The moment you use the Inventor, you will be extraordinarily impressed with its reliability and ease of use to build high resolution objects. Meanwhile, its powerful proprietary extrusion system can print with a wide range of materials within the enclosed build chamber. Take a deeper look at the Inventor, and you will find how it achieves these.


Invariable temperature of printing cavity achieve superior printing results

The sensitivity of temperature directly affect the printing results, especially for complex models. Thus, print cavity that maintains a stable print temperature ensures minimal shrinkage of the consumables to get a better print effect. The inventor have built-in 5 fans and a temperature measuring chip. The real-time temperature measurement allows the cavity to have a stable temperature.

FlashForge Inventor


Resume printing from power failure

Resuming printing from power failure function greatly improves user experience. No more failed prints due to unexpected power outage. Resume printing right after you turn on Inventor 3D printer.


FlashForge Inventor



Observe your model in real time

It’s not easy to watch a model, which need prints for tens of hours. Inventor equipped with a camera, whether at home or outside work, can always check the print status. You can still record the print video to record each print moment.


FlashForge Inventor


Supports iOS, Android, and Windows using Happy 3D

The method of printing is constantly simplifying, but the way of modeling is still not easy. We think from 3D modeling to 3D printing, this should be a pleasant and easy process. 

Happy 3D allows drawing 2D objects or extending them to 3D. Happy 3D makes people a whole new experience, with more than 100 free 3D models with 7 categories items to creating 3D designs by combining two or more models in just few simple steps. 

Happy 3D



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