EinScan-Pro+ Handheld 3D Scanner

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Portable, accurate, versatile

Multi-functional handheld 3D scanner featuring a new HD scanning mode, an enlarged scanning area, and high-speed scanning. Handheld HD scanning mode adopts a new international proprietary technology, achieving a perfect combination of 3D scanning speed and acquisition details.


New generation handheld scanning

In the past, capturing 3D scanning details at high scanning speed could not be done simultaneously. Now the EinScan-Pro+, equipped with a brand-new generation of handheld rapid HD scanning technology, protected by an international patent, offers an enhanced handheld HD scanning mode by implementing and using an intensive line-scanning strategy.


Scans 100 lines with speeds of up to 550,000 points/second


EinScan Pro+ 


Scanning range enlarged by 1.6

The EinScan-Pro+ recalibrates the scanning range by using a new 300 x 170 mm (11.8 x 6.69 in) single-side scanning range. The area of single frame scanning is enlarged 1.6 times. The handheld scanning speed, for large-size objects, has been considerably increased. Scanning large-size objects using the EinScan-Pro+ is now more efficient.


EinScan Pro+


EinScan Software

Use the latest EinScan software which features enhanced color reproduction, hybrid laignment, global registration optimization, more flexible software operation, simplified scan mode selection, and improved hole-filling results.




Scan everything you need, all from your hand

EinScan Pro is a multi-functional and handheld 3D scanner that rapidly captures 3D-object data. By using white structured light for scanning and weighing in at only 800g makes the scanner highly portable and suitable for indoor use.


Highly versatile for many applications

Watertight models can be exported directly for 3D printing, or output unclosed 3D models for reverse engineering and further revision in 3D modeling software. 

Multiple scan modes

With the available accessories, EinScan Pro is capable of printing in four different modes. By itself, the scanner is able to perform the handheld rapid scan function that captures object information at 10 frames/second, which is ideal for larger models.

Accessories offer more

The optional Industrial Pack provides a turntable, tripod, and target stickers for additional scan modes. Using the turntable and tripod, Einscan Pro can scan smaller objects (30-150mm) automatically in high detail by rotating the object in small increments. Handheld HD scan mode uses sticker targets applied to the object being scanned to align reference points and capture details to within .1mm accuracy. The optional Color Pack adds full color texture scanning to capture objects in vivid color (not compatible with HD scan mode). 

From big to small, scan it all

The suggested size range for objects to be scanned is 30mm to 4m, dependent on the scan mode being used.


Control your output

Watertight models can be exported directly for 3D printing, or output unclosed 3D models for reverse engineering and further revision in 3D modeling software.