Formlabs Durable Resin 1L

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Formlabs Engineering Durable Resin

Durable Resin is impact resistant and highly wear resistant, capable of extreme deformation before breaking, and has low friction compared to standard resins and Tough 2000 Resin. Use Durable to prototype parts that will eventually be made from polypropylene (PP) or high density polyethylene (HDPE). It is best used when these features are required in a room-temperature application.

Polypropylene is very commonly used in situations where high elongation, deformation, and/or impact resistance are required. Applications of polypropylene include items like toothbrushes, car bumpers, packaging, razors, and more.

With low modulus, high elongation, and high impact strength, Durable Resin produces parts with a smooth, glossy finish and high resistance to deformation. Use this material for applications requiring minimal friction.

Durable has the highest impact strength of our Engineering Resins. Its low modulus and high elongation make it highly resistant to deformation.

Durable is ideal for engineering prototypes and has been developed to withstand high strain. Consider Durable Resin for applications that require impact resistance for rugged prototyping and for models that feel or look like real polypropylene. Like Flexible Resin, Durable Resin also works for objects that require some flexibility. Unlike Flexible Resin, Durable also maintains good rigidity.


  • Parts requiring high impact strength
  • Prototyping parts that will be made out of polypropylene or HDPE
  • Parts that require a low-friction surface, like ball joints
  • Parts that are both rigid and flexible
  • Snap-fit parts and flexures


  • Parts with very fine details
  • Parts that will be used in elevated temperature environments
  • Constant loading

Good for: consumer packaging; bushings and bearings; snap fits and flexures; living hinges.

Durable Resin simulates Polypropylene, ideal for parts that require a ductile plastic that can flex. Requires post-curing. Available layer heights: 100 and 50 microns.

To learn more about Durable Resin's properties, download the material data sheet.