Formlabs Tough 2000 Resin 1L

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Formlabs Engineering Tough 2000 Resin

Tough 2000 Resin suits many applications across engineering, product design, and manufacturing settings. This includes prototypes undergoing wear and tear, mechanical connectors, and housing and enclosures such as the below motor mount. The improved strength, stiffness, and elongation allow engineers and product designers to iterate with higher confidence and reduce brittle failures.
Tough 2000 Resin is the strongest and stiffest material in our functional family of Tough and Durable Resins. Choose Tough 2000 Resin for prototyping strong and sturdy parts that should not bend easily.
  • Reduced brittle failures: Increased elongation by more than 100%.
  • Improved strength and stiffness: Increased flexural strength and flexural modulus by roughly 15%.
  • Better performance at elevated temperatures: Increased heat deflection temperature.
  • Professional-looking parts: New grey color.

Mechanical Properties Comparison

The improvements in elongation, strength, and stiffness enhance the material’s overall toughness, which can be measured by the area under a stress-strain curve.
Tough 2000 Resin 48% 65 MPa 1.9 GPa
Tough Resin 23% 57 MPa 1.6 GPa
% Improvement 109% 14% 19%

Data was obtained from parts printed using Form 2, 100 μm and post-cured with a Form Cure according to our recommended settings.


Thermal Properties Comparison

The improved HDT of Tough 2000 Resin enables parts made from this material to perform better in elevated temperatures, such as electronic enclosures or jigs and fixtures in manufacturing environments. 
Tough 2000 Resin 53 °C 63 °C
Tough Resin 43 °C 47 °C
% Improvement 23% 34%

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The “2000” in the name represents the material’s tensile modulus. If you need a less stiff material, try Tough 1500 Resin or Durable Resin
Tough 2000 Resin is a reformulation of our popular Tough Resin. Tough 2000 Resin offers more advanced mechanical properties and a new look. 
Supports print resolutions: 100 and 50 microns.
Post-curing required.
Requires Resin Tank LT for Form 2.
Requires Form 3 Resin Tank V2 for Form 3.

Tough 2000 Resin decreases the lifetime of resin tanks.

Read more about Resin Tank LT lifetime and Form 3 Resin Tank lifetime.
Read more about tank versions, lifetime, and maintenance in Formlabs' support article.