Sinterit (SLS) Powders

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  • Sinterit PA12 Smooth - A Polyamide 12 powder (nylon based compound) with good mechanical properties and excellent surface resolution
  • Sinterit PA11 Onyx - A polyamide powder (nylon) with superior thermal resistance, stable to light, UV, and weather.
  • Sinterit FLEXA Grey - TPU material that gives a possibility to create prints with really high elasticity
  • Sinterit FLEXA Soft - Low Shore-A material that could be used in design, art and simulation of really soft materials
  • Sinterit FLEXA Bright - A functional rubber material that you can dye to other colors Sinterit TPE - With TPE it is possible to print functional prototypes such as pumps, bellows, gaskets and other elastic solutions dedicated to work in difficult conditions

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