EinScan Pro Philippines

 EinScan-Pro Handheld 3D Scanner



Multi-functional Handheld 3D Scanner - Portable, Accurate, Versatile

EinScan Pro is a new multi-functional handheld 3D scanner presented by SHINING3D. It can rapidly capture the 3D data of the real objects to the computer, including human body as well as complex and irregular shapes. EinScan Pro Handheld 3D Scanner has the feature of easily using and the 3D scan software’s user friendliness leads you to finish scanning and realize the operation guided.

EinScan Pro is equipped with texture scan function, capable of capturing the full color 3D data of the object. EinScan Pro adopts the ergonomic design. The weight is only 0.8kg, which is quite light and portable, also fit for long-time handheld 3D scan.

EinScan Pro delivers water tight 3D data available to 3D print or reverse engineering directly, meanwhile it can output the unclosed 3D model for reversal design.




Powerful 3D Scanning with EinScan Pro

  • All in one - Handheld rapid Scan, Handheld HD scan, Automatic scan, Free scan, multi-function all in one 3D scanner.
  • Multi-applications - EinScan Pro is a multi-functional handheld 3d scanner, it can be used to scan the industrial parts, sculptures, woodcarving parts, human bodies etc.
  • High Speed - In handheld scan mode, the scan speed is 10 frames/second, the Automatic scan and free scan mode single scan takes less than 2 seconds.
  • Full color scan - External texture camera can be attached to EinScan Pro, capable of capturing the full-color 3D data of the object.
  • High compatibility - Data output can be used for 3D printing as well as designing directly. Data format: stl, obj, asc.
  • Cost-effective - Professional 3D scanner with high data quality and entry-level price. EinScan Pro can be one representative of high cost-effective in the 3D scanning industry.


No Scan Limits

The EinScan-Pro includes accessories for good color texture capture for objects ranging in size from 0.03mm (.001in) up to 4 meters (13ft).

Handheld Scan

The EinScan-Pro multi-functional 3D scanner offers both portability and high-accuracy because of its four versatile operating modes.

Automatic Scan

Automatic scan: Matched with a fully-automatic turn-table, the EinScan-Pro completes a 360-degree scan in under 90 seconds.

Free scan

The scan head is mounted onto the tripod for accuracy and ease-of-use.



The Most Powerful 3D Scanner. Say hello to EinScan-Pro.

  • All in one versatility

The EinScan-Pro multi-functional 3D scanner can offer both portability and high-accuracy because of its four versatile operating modes: Handheld rapid Scan, Handheld HD scan, Automatic scan and Free scan. It offers the best of both scanner types: highly-accurate desktop scanning and portable, handheld scanning.

  • Multiple Applications

The EinScan-Pro multi-functional, handheld 3d scanner can be used to create an accurate, 3D printable model oexisting physical objects -whether it be an industrial part, a sculpture, a delicate family heirloom, an antique toy, a hard-to-find replacement part for your toolkit or even a scan of your own body parts.

  • High Compatibility and Ease of Use

The EinScan-Pro 3D scanner can be used by anyone to quickly and easily capture 3D models. All you have to do is “point and click” and the scan process turns your real world objects into 3D digital models on your computer. The scanner outputs in standard file formats such as STL (the design format used for most rapid prototyping applications) or OBJ (a standardized file that contains 3D objects) which ensures that the data can be used in most 3D CAD applications.