EinScan-S Philippines

 EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner



Fast, Accurate, Affordable 3D Scanner - 3D Printer Compatible

EinScan-S 3D scanner is a desktop 3D scanner that delivers printable 3D model with comparatively high accuracy for a range of creative 3D printing applications.
EinScan-S bring the industrial grade 3D scanning technology to everyone who wants to design high quality 3D models.


High Accuracy

The EinScan-S is designed to capture high-quality 3D data for use with 3D printers. It produces accurate 3D models without the difficulty of learning complicated 3D design software. The EinScan-S has a reputation among leading technology professionals as creating the most accurate data quality of all desktop 3D scanners



Color and Texture Scans

The EinScan-S captures geometric shapes with color and texture information, which can be useful for computer graphics, animation, game development, digital archiving, prototyping and color 3D printing.


Faster than Ever

A rotational turntable scan takes less than 3 minutes to complete which is 3 to 4 times faster than any other competitive 3D scanner


Dual Scan Modes

Equipped with both automatic and free scan modes, the EinScan-S is capable of both small and large objects. Users can easily switch between either scan mode. Scan up to a maximum automatic scan envelope is 200X200X200mm (7.87-inch cube) while the free or manual scan envelope is 700X700X700mm (2.3-foot cube).



  • High Accuracy

EinScan-S 3D scanner adopts structure light phase shifting technology, the accuracy has been proved to be ≤0.1mm.

  • Two Scan Options 

The one and only two-scan-mode 3D scanner in the market. EinScan-S is equipped with automatic scan and free scan mode, which can switch from each other freely.

  • From Small to Large 

With two scan mode settings, EinScan-S is capable of scanning for objects small and large.The maximum scanning size is 200*200*200mm under automatic scan mode;700 mm *700 mm *700mm under free scan mode.

  • Faster than Ever 

Automatic scan takes less than 3 minutes to complete one circle, three times faster than similar desktop 3D scanner in the market with the turntable scans.

  • Simple to Use

EinScan-S 3D scanner allows anyone to scan. All you have to do is “click”and the scan process will be done automatically to turn objects into 3D models on computer.

  • Ready to Print 

All the digital models scanned by EinScan are ready to be printed in 3D printer without any editing work.

  • Eye safety lighting

White light source, safer compared to laser scanning, harmless to eyes.

  •  Portable

The weight of the scanner is only 3.5kg, which is portable to carry around.