Thermoforming right on your Desktop

Professional-grade thermoforming made compact, affordable and easy-to-use.


Simplified Interface

Vaquforming is as simple as selecting a material from the menu and pressing the START button. The are no knobs or dials to fiddle with, as all the settings are pre-configured automatically, according to the characteristics of your chosen material.

Hybrid Vacuum System

Like an industrial vacuum pump, the hybrid vacuum is capable of high air flow and air pressure. But unlike an industrial pump, the system is light and small enough to be intergrated within the machine itself.

So just to be absolutely clear:
Vaquform does not need a separate vacuum unit.

Dynamic Heating

When a material is heated, it goes through several phases before it becomes ready to be formed. Because each material is different, Vaquform heats each material differently, and dynamically. Power is increased or decreased as needed, so materials are always heated to an exact temperature.

Real-Time Temprature Tracking

Dynamic heating relies on real-time temperature data steaming from Vaquform's medical-grade IR sensor. With an accuracy of 0.1 degree Celsius, it checks material temperature, 10 times per second. It literally keeps an eye on things, so you can relax. Vaquform will let you know when its time pull the handlebar.


From craft to industry there is a use for you!

Vaquform is used in many sectors of activity, discover some of its applications below.

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Chocolate Moulds

Customized Packaging


Acoustic Boards

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Vaquform DT2

Used to make coffee cups, dashboards, and a thousand everyday objects, thermoformers are versatile machines.

Except they aren't something you could just buy. They require a substantial investment in money, floor space and time, as they are complicated to operate.

Vaquform has changed all that. With clever design and innovative engineering, we made it simple. Now everybody can vaquform.

from P54,995.00 to P49,495.50 vat ex.











Create Customized Packaging on Demand


Create Customized plastic packaging and moulds on demand is easier and more affordable than ever.

Create Food/Chocolate Moulds with Food-grade materials

Have a unique idea for your culinary creations? Vaquformit! From Cacao pod and back again, the chocolate's journey comes full circle with CMV Txokolat's Christian Valdes' beautiful piece made with the help of Vaquform!

Access to a wide-range of material options

Vaquform is compatible with a wide-range of material options. This includes Food and Medical-grade materials such as PETG. As well as flexible options and durable materials such as VFlex, HIPS and Kydex sheets.


"I originally purchased my Vaquform to make custom chocolate molds featuring my business logo.

I quickly realized that other chocolatiers needed to learn about it too, so I purchased a second to feature at a yearly workshop I run. It was a big hit!

Currently my Vaquform is being used to thermoform face shields for Covid protection."

Kerry Beal, Owner,

EZ Temper

"As an engineer who specializes in product design as well as rapid prototyping, having many different tools for ideation is extremely important. Vaquform gives me and my clients the opportunity to do short run of parts without committing to the cost and lead times of full production tooling. Combining in-house vacuum forming with 3D Printing also dramatically reduces the time required for prototyping. I'm very happy with the "

Philip Tsao, Founder, Ember Prototypes

"I started then to design and vaquform my own bodies for RC cars. It's a really quick process and so for me it's been a really cool discovery and a really cool asset to my little business. It's perfect. It fits on my desk along with my other machines. And I can just turn around get to it everytime I have an order, press a couple of bodies, packt it and it's good to go. It's been really successful!


Scarset Vincent, Chief Designer, Scarset Design. Founder, SD Racing HK

Watch the various applications of Vaquform!

Vaquform DT2

Thermoforming Sheets

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