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Desktop Metal Studio System

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Desktop Metal Studio System

The world’s first office-friendly metal 3D printing system. 

  • High-quality parts

  • Easy to use

  • Designed for the office



The Studio System™ enables designers and engineers to create high-quality, 3D printed metal parts with ease from their office.



Unlike laser-based 3D printing systems that selectively melt metal powder, the Studio System™ extrudes bound metal rods—similar to how an FDM printer works. This eliminates the safety requirements often associated with metal 3D printing while enabling new features like the use of closed-cell infill for lightweight strength.


The debinder prepares green 3d printed parts for sintering by dissolving primary binder. With a low emission design, it requires no external ventilation and is safe for an office environment. Automatic fluid distillation and recycling eliminates the need to refill between each cycle.


Fully-automated and sized to fit through an office door, the furnace delivers industrial-strength sintering in an office-friendly package. Built-in temperature profiles tuned to every build and material ensure uniform heating and cooling without the residual stresses introduced in laser-based 3d printing systems