HD Prime Pack Add-on (EinScan 2x Pro Plus)

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Allows makers-free scanning under Handheld HD Scan mode when the object surface has enough geometries, greatly enhancing the scanning efficiency. The scanning speed is increased by 30% under Handheld HD Scan mode, rapidly capturing high-accuracy and high-resolution 3D data.

Captures more details than Handheld Rapid Scan mode by HD Prime without markers. When the object surface has few geometric features, you can still scan under Handheld HD Scan mode with markers alignment.


The Prime Pack does what it promises: it makes HD handheld scanning with the EinScan-Pro+ more comfortable by increasing the scanning speed and allowing marker-less tracking. While scanning with markers stickers is still possible, I found it a lot more flexible to simply put objects on a surface with added detail which I could remove digitally.