Puzzlebox 3D 1.75mm ABS Filament

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ABS filament is stronger than PLA and is commonly used for engineering and mechanical designs.

  • Because it’s a little bit more flexible than PLA,  ABS is great for mechanical designs or ones that have interlocking or pin-connected pieces

  • Compared to PLA, ABS has a longer lifespan, is more impact resistant, and has a more matte look and finish

  • ABS Filament has a higher melting point 

  • ABS Filament is soluble in acetone, so you can “weld” parts together with just a drop or two or smooth surfaces and create a high gloss by brushing or dipping full ABS pieces in acetone

  • ABS filament is warp prone and will adhere well to Kapton tape on a heated build plate

Compatible with any 1.75mm 3D printer
1.75mm Filament
Material: ABS
Strong 3D printing material

Heated Bed Required (80-110C)
Print temp: (220-260C)