Ultimaker CPE+ Filament (2.85mm)

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Ultimaker CPE+ material is chemical resistant with high dimensional stability, with the added advantages of increased temperature resistance and higher impact strength compared to regular CPE.

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Reasons to choose Ultimaker CPE+

Ultimaker CPE+ 3D printing filament is more wear resistant compared to regular CPE material, for extremely tough and dimensionally stable functional prototypes that can withstand high temperatures.

  • Can withstand temperatures up to 100 °C

  • Higher impact strength than regular CPE

  • High toughness and dimensional stability for good mechanical performance

  • Excellent chemical resistance


    Ultimaker CPE+ has the following properties:

    • Good flexural strength (64 MPa)

    • High impact strength (Izod tested to 860 J/m)

    • High hardness (111 Rockwell)


    Ultimaker CPE+ is ideal for these applications:

    • Custom components that need to withstand high temperatures

    • Visual and functional prototyping

    • Short-run manufacturing

    • Fit testing



    Ultimaker CPE+ is officially supported by Ultimaker S5, Ultimaker S3, and Ultimaker 3 series 3D printers, and is compatible for dual extrusion with Ultimaker Breakaway.