Shining 3D EinScan Autoscan Sparkle

Shining 3D EinScan Autoscan Sparkle



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Shining 3D EinScan Autoscan Sparkle


Shining 3D EinScan Autoscan Sparkle


Shining 3D EinScan Autoscan Sparkle

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Automatic Desktop 3D Jewelry Scanner

AutoScan Sparkle

AutoScan Sparkle automatic desktop 3D scanner is designed exclusively for capturing precise and detailed 3D scans of jewelry pieces in seconds. Integrating AI intelligent scanning algorithm, high precision and simplicity of use, AutoScan Sparkle provides jewelry designer an easy method of transforming jewelry into digitized format that can be used in any CAD/CAM software, saving both time and money in design and production processes.



Fine Detail

Provides precisely detailed 3D scan for small and complex objects using dual-camera of 5 mega pixels.


Automatic Scanning

As a fully automated desktop 3D scanner for 1-click scan, AutoScan Sparkle features 3-axis for multi-angle scanning, enabling users to obtain 3D scans easily and rapidly.


Powerful Software

The software JewelScan is specially created by SHINING 3D for jewelry application, featuring user-friendly interface and allows user to effortlessly export 3D data to CAD/CAM system such as Matrix, Rhino, JewelCAD and etc.


Metrology-grade Accuracy

Advanced blue-light 3D scanning technology brings users the scan accuracy within 10μm to ensure high level of accuracy required by quality inspection.



  • Jewelry Design
  • Jewelry Replication
  • Jewelry Repair
  • 3D Printing & Precision Casting



  • Scanning Area:


  • 3D Scanning Principle:
    Structured light 3D scanning


  • Accuracy:


  • Rotation Axis:
    3 Axis


  • Camera Resolution:


  • Weight:


  • Working Temperature:


  • Power:


  • Output Format:


  • O/S:
    Windows 10, 64 bits


  • Light Source:
    Blue Light