Premier Digital Fabrication Equipment Distributor in the Philippines

Premier 3D Printer supplier in the Philippines

Premier Digital Fabrication Equipment Distributor in the Philippines

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We have over 10 years experience to help you get your digital fabrication facilities set up according to your requirements. With over dozens of worldwide brand partners, we're present in various industries such as  Education, Manufacturing, Laboratories, Fablabs, Aerospace, Automotive, Architecture, Medical and Dental and business. Connect with us and we'll help you get the right 3D Printers and Digifab equipment tailored to your needs.


Bambu Lab is a consumer tech company focusing on desktop 3D printers. Starting with the X1 series, Bambu Lab builds state-of-the-art 3D printers that break the barriers between the digital and physical worlds, bringing creativity to a whole new level. Right now we have three sites located at Shenzhen and Shanghai in China and Austin, Texas of U.S.


Laser Cutter

Setting the new standard for Laser cutting and Engraving

Equip your business or FabLab with Trotec’s Speedy series which features 8x faster cutting speed and features the patented CeramiCore® laser technology which boasts impressive laser longevity and durability

Voltera PCB Printer

Additive Electronics Made Easy

Get to proof-of-concept faster. Iterate in hours — not days, or weeks. Build your boards right on your desktop with the all-new Voltera V-one PCB Printer



Print with Bone-simulating filament from 3DX-tech.

Compatible with any of our Ultimaker 3D printers


Catch the latest breakthrough moment for 3D printing

Watch the latest Ultimaker 5.0 Showcase event where the most advanced software and metal 3D printing is REVEALED that offers even better reliability and print quality for every Ultimaker user

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Who We Are?

We cater to both private and government sectors and we choose only the best quality products and provide exceptional best-in-class service for our customers. Every product is tested to meet satisfaction standards to guarantee success for your school, business and profession.


Why Puzzlebox 3D?

We are the Philippine’s leading supplier for Digital Fabrication equipment. We offer the largest selection of expertly curated 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Thermoforming, Filament, Resins PEEK, Metal, Injection Moulding and Fablab equipment handpicked from across the globe.

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  • Huge selection of quality curated products
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