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Trade in your 3D Printer Promo Program

Get up to Php40,000 off when you trade-in any brand of 3D Printer for the all-new Ultimaker S3

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You guys are awesome! The print you did for me was perfect! Will spread the word so that designers, innovators and inventors will no longer fear the unknown. With you guys around they are assured that you can actually create parts for anything they can imagine. Mabuhay! May you inspire a golden age for Filipino ingenuity and creativity!

Jedi Juan

Besides that they sell the future tools of our generation. They provide the best service! :)

Marvin Tee

Great products and equally great service. Best 3D printer company in the Philippines we've dealt with. Our business could not have been possible without these guys. They are very approachable and knowledgeable on all types of 3D printers. Kudos!

Print House

Good quality products for innovation

Gibo Onix

We bought an Ultimaker 2 from Puzzlebox 3D Philippines. Not only were they able to provide us the best 3D printer but they also have great customer service! The printer is brilliant and the staff were very friendly esp. during training and through installation. Highly Recommended!

Erwin Sio