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Join us as Puzzlebox 3D and PrintLab International bring you a competition to win your school an Original Ultimaker 3D Printer. Entirely for FREE!!!

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Watch the Ultimaker 3 Professional 3D Printer print with PVA Dissolvable support material in Dual Extrusion.

Featured 3D Printing stories

Surgical Planning with Professional 3D Printers

Dr. Boyd Goldie, an orthopedic surgeon in London, uses his Ultimaker 3D printer to make invaluable surgical guides, templates & visualization aids for surgeries, saving time and money in the process. The technology offers accurate 3D models straight from DICOM images taken from CT Scans for better surgical preparation.

Cost-Effective, Customized Functional Prints for Manufacturing

With 3D printing, ABB Robotics can minimize risk in the development process by proving the viability of a design before investing in an expensive tool. This shrinks the development process from months to a matter of days. They choose Ultimakers for their reliability and consistent quality.

Integrating 3D Printing in High School Education

3D printing is offered as an elective course to students that are interested to learn more about this technology. One project allowed the students to print out parts of a bottle rocket that is launched with water pressure. This project allows the students to expand their knowledge on science and mathematics with 3D printing as a vital part of the process.

3D Printing in Product Design

Using her Ultimaker 3D printer, Susan reduces the time involved with prototyping from weeks to hours while saving significant costs. Making up to 100 iterations per product, Bhold has minimized the risks, shortened the time to market and reduced costs associated with new product design. In addition, 3D printing opened a whole new world of beautiful geometries that were impossible to achieve with traditional alternatives.

We are the 3D Printing Experts in the Philippines

Allow us to give you our expert impartial advice when determining which 3D printer model is best for your needs. Many 3D Printer vendors are restricted to selling from one manufacturer; Puzzlebox 3D carry a wide range of 3D printing technology products. We aim to provide a full 3D printing solution; from the supply of 3D printers, scanners, training, support and warranty services.

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Great Service. Great Printer. Good People. Can't really say much more 

Marc Lim

We bought an Ultimaker 2 from Puzzlebox 3D Philippines. Not only is it the best 3D printer but they also have great customer service! The printer is brilliant and the staff were very friendly esp. during training and through installation. Highly Recommended!

Erwin S.

Parts are readily available. Staff are friendly,
Excellent troubleshooting & support online
Many thanks to Puzzlebox team! if you have
extra budget buy the bigger version.. :-)

Elmer De Los Santos

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