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Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D Printer Philippines

Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D Printer Philippines


Effortless 3D Printing: Introducing Bambu Lab’s X1-Carbon

Experience the ease of 3D printing with X1-Carbon, a top-tier 3D printer, delivering exceptional speed, a sealed build chamber, and advanced AI-driven calibration and monitoring features through integrated vision and Lidar sensors. With its cutting-edge performance and user-friendly design, the X1-Carbon redefines the standards for consumer FDM 3D printers, presenting an enticing option for those seeking a premium printing experience.

From the Official Bambu Lab Distributor in Philippines.





Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D Printer Philippines


Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D Printer Philippines


Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D Printer Philippines

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Advantages of the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon

Innovative Mainboard Features

Discover cutting-edge mainboard functionalities such as print resumption after power failure and support for silent stepper motor drivers, ensuring a quieter and enhanced printing experience.

Enjoy safety features like thermal runaway protection, automatically shutting down the printer when overheating issues are detected.

Automated Bed Leveling

Attain flawless first layers and address bed adhesion challenges effortlessly with the auto bed leveling feature.

The system compensates for slight print bed warping, providing precise measurements and adjustments for consistent results.

User-Friendly Touch Screen

Effortlessly navigate through the interface while printing files or configuring 3D printing settings with the intuitive touch screen.

Premium-Quality Components

Experience top-tier quality through the use of high-grade components, prioritizing performance over a lower price point.

Ready-to-Use Assembly

Receive the 3D printer fully assembled, requiring minimal calibration procedures before immediate use.

Reliable Direct Drive Extruder

Choose the reliability of a direct drive extruder, minimizing jamming issues and reducing maintenance requirements, particularly with flexible materials.

PEI Build Surface

Benefit from a PEI build surface that strikes the perfect balance between adhesion and part removal, eliminating the need for additional sprays or treatments.

Wireless Printing Capabilities

Embrace wireless printing capabilities alongside standard USB and SD card connections, providing flexibility and convenience from your computer or mobile device.

Precise CoreXY Kinematic System

Experience faster and more accurate movements with the CoreXY kinematic system, separating the movement of the print head from the build plate, reducing vibration and enhancing control.

Temperature-Controlled Enclosure

Ensure a controlled print environment with an enclosure that retains warm, still air, crucial for printing temperature-sensitive materials like ABS.

Enhance safety by preventing emissions of particulates and gases into the surrounding area while reducing printer noise.

Dual Gear Filament Extruder

Enjoy the benefits of a dual gear extruder that provides superior filament grip, especially advantageous for flexible materials like TPU.

Stable Linear Rail Motion System

Achieve higher printing speeds without compromising quality, thanks to the stability provided by the linear rail motion system.

High-Temperature All-Metal Hot End

Print at elevated temperatures up to 300°C with an all-metal hot end, minimizing the risk of jamming and ensuring prolonged durability compared to standard hot ends.


What to Expect from the X1-Carbon 3D Printer

  • 20 m/s² acceleration
  • Micro lidar assisted bed leveling
  • Active vibration compensation for better print quality
  • Spaghetti failure detection and auto-pause
  • Print resume after power outage
  • Full advanced features of X1 3D printers: Learn more

Designed for Speed


Advanced materials empower advanced projects.

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon, equipped with extra cooling and a hardened nozzle and carburized drive gear, unlocks a wider selection of materials, including PA, PC, PET, and TPU, and specializes in carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced polymers.


Spaghetti detection

Our AI keeps an eye out for Spaghetti monsters, so you can sleep easy in the knowledge that your printer is safe from this scourge.

AI-Powered Evolution

Dual automated bed leveling for doubly guaranteed prints.

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 2

AI inspected first layer

Tired of waiting out that first layer? The lidar sensor can check your first layer so that you can get back to doing…anything else..

Tech Specs

Build Volume (W×D×H) 256 × 256 × 256 mm³
Nozzle 0.4 mm Hardened Steel Included
Hotend All-Metal
Max Hot End Temperature 300 ℃
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Supported Filament PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, ASA, PVA, PET
Ideal for PA, PC, Carbon/ Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Build Plate Surface Bambu Cool Plate, Bambu Engineering Plate Included
Max Build Plate Temperature 110℃@220V, 120℃@110V
Max Speed of Tool Head 500 mm/s
Max Acceleration of Tool Head 20 m/s²
Physical Dimensions 389 × 389 × 457 mm, Net weight 14.13 kg, Gross weight 18 kg
Electrical Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000W@220V, 350W@110V

What's in the box

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 1

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon


Build Plate

Bambu Filament

Bambu Filament

Accessory Box

Accessory Box

First time right 3D Printing.

Bambu Lab X1 series are state-of-the-art desktop 3D printers with CoreXY high speed and multi-color capabilities.

Key Features:

  • 16 Multi Color
  • 7 μm Lidar Resolution
  • CoreXY 20 m/s² Acceleration
  • Dual Auto Bed Leveling
  • Active Vibration Compensation (XY)
  • Precise Layer Height (Z)
  • High Bandwidth Flow Control (E)


Easy-remove supports

Bambu Lab X1 can use snap-away support material or dissolvable filament to minimize the pain of removing supports.


Advanced processes enable advanced materials.

Breaking free from low temperature and easy print PLA and PETG, the X1 unlocks more demanding material by utilizing advanced parts and sophisticated thermal control.


Super rigid but abrasive carbon fiber filament


Tough and self-lubricating but highly hydroscopic PA


Highly temperature resistant but easily warped PC


Multiple polymers for multiple applications in one project


AI Powered Evolution

  • Micro Lidar
  • IMU
  • 2Tops NPU
  • Quad Core ARM


A Lidar that measures depth in micrometers.

Bambu Micro Lidar brings micrometer level precision into 3D printing. The system probes the nozzle height, calibrates the flow, and scans the first layer, so the possibilities are endless.


AI Inspected First layer

The lidar sensor can check your first layer so that you can get back to doing…anything else.


Designed for Speed

  • CoreXY welded chasis
  • 32mm3/s Flow
  • 20 m/s2 Acceleration
  • 500mm/s Velocity



  • Use one printer to replace several and have the same productivity.
  • Less waiting time means fast iteration.
  • Use 0.1 mm layer height by default without worrying about the print time.
  • Less time means less carbon emission to keep the bed hot.

What's in the box

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