Ultimaker S5 Materials Station

Ultimaker S5 Materials Station

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Ultimaker S5 Materials Station

Ultimaker S5 Materials Station


Ultimaker S5 Materials Station

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Always-fresh 3D printing materials

Every decision during the Ultimaker S5 Material Station’s development was made to deliver materials in optimal condition for 3D printing.

Humidity and dust…the Ultimaker S5 Material Station defeats them both. Its silica gel extracts moisture and automatically regenerates, keeping the fully enclosed chamber below 40% relative humidity – even in outside conditions of up to 70% humidity.

By removing the risk of moisture absorption, the polymer doesn’t degrade over time. The filament is kept pristine for longer as if spool never left its packaging. This results in higher quality prints with a higher print success rate – with less chance of human error.

So that’s how materials are handled below the Ultimaker S5. But what about that device on top?

Print more materials with greater peace of mind

If you thought that the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager was just a cover for the Ultimaker S5…think again!

This seamlessly integrated device efficiently solves any in-house air quality concerns you may have.

What difference does the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager make to air quality? Independent researchers found that it removes up to 95% of all ultrafine particles.

For more details and data from this research, check out our white paper on 3D printer emissions and air quality