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restor3d is on a mission to empower healthcare providers who repair and reconstruct the human body. It has pursued an approach driven by additive manufacturing due to the design freedom and affordability of 3D printing, which offers a path to disrupt traditional medical markets. The restor3d team drives innovation in precision surgery by changing the way both implants and surgical instruments are developed and delivered.The company was co-founded in 2017 by distinguished entrepreneur, orthopedic surgery professor, and highly-cited materials scientist and engineer Ken Gall. restor3d leverages 3D printing capabilities to drastically improve surgical care delivery by printing procedure-specific polymer instrumentation that is...

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Use Formlabs Castable Wax Resin to produce highly detailed jewelry by casting parts through direct investment casting with minimal part finishing (no post-cure required). Castable Wax prints are strong enough to use for prototyping and fitting before production.

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3D printing has given wings to entrepreneurs and industries looking to reveal the real potential of the fastest growing technology.

The reason that it offers speed and accuracy is one of the most cost-effective choices, leave no room for confusion.

The same goes for jewelry making companies. There is no doubt that technology has reached millions of businesses worldwide and is penetrating even deeper as the economies are becoming synced and demanding.

There are a variety of spaces where 3D printing has instilled its importance becoming the major reason for the profit curve going upward.

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Two techniques have historically defined jewelry making: handcrafting and lost-wax casting. Both techniques require significant technical expertise, are highly time-intensive, and mistakes in the process can prove expensive. But today, digital design and 3D printing are primed to disrupt these age-old practices in a major way. Supplementing traditional processes with digital techniques brings new possibilities in design and production to jewelers, as well as exciting new customization options for customers. Digital Workflows Augment Traditional Techniques 3D printed jewelry production augments the principles of investment casting, or lost wax casting with the advantages of a digital design and manufacturing process. With traditional...

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An ENT Doctor from the Philippines practicing at St. Lukes Medical Center found out that working with 3D printers increased the speed and safety of complicated operation processes. He usually outsources printing services abroad and takes weeks to months before he can have the model and do the planning. With the aid of Formlabs Form 2 3D printer, he was able to get the 3D printed model in just mere hours. 3D printed maxilla and mandible Printed using Formlabs Form 2 It may seem daunting, however, Medical 3D Printing has just a simple process in order to turn DICOM medical data into...

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