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Sinterit New Material – PA 11 Carbon Fiber

This is the high-performance composite material with Carbon Fiber dedicated for compact SLS  and the 9th material in our offer. This material has great mechanical properties as well as thermal resistance.


PA 11 Carbon Fiber is a bio-derived (castor oil) powder composite material based on Polyamide 11 enhanced with Carbon Fiber for better performance and rigidity. It features a high strength-to-weight ratio and high thermal properties. Its well-balanced profile of mechanical and thermal properties while maintaining good impact strength makes it one of the strongest and most versatile materials available on the powder market dedicated to SLS printing technology.


  • Best tensile and flexural strength
  • Best thermal resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • High stiffness
  • Good elongation at break
  • Good surface quality
  • Good chemical resistance


  • Automotive (high performance parts, metal replacement parts)
  • Universities/labs (mechanical, composites)
  • Extreme applications (motorsports, lightweight structures, temperature)
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Medical – prosthesis
  • Aerospace models


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